How to set up and use your SD-IRA


If you want to have full control over your investments by utilizing a SD-IRA (Self Directed Individual Retirement Account) then we will guide you in the right direction, which in turn will then open up the opportunity for you to Joint Venture with us.


Perhaps you already have a self-directed IRA already in place. If that is the case you are set to go and we can work out a JV Partner agreement to start building your portfolio and to start enjoying the returns that your retirement depends on.   
If you would like the opportunity to invest with us as JV partners and get great ROI with huge tax saving benefits, then you will need to set up a SD-IRA with a reputable custodian. We have utilized multiple custodians but are favored towards Quest IRA. Quest IRA is no stranger to our business plan, as some of the employees there also invest in notes. Although we recommend them you are not required to use them as a custodian to JV with us.


Here is some information from Quest IRA, Inc. that you may find helpful in setting up a SDIRA.
Their website at defines what a self-directed IRA is all about: A self-directed IRA is one that permits the account owner to invest their IRA in what they know best, free from the investment restrictions imposed by a more traditional brokerage style account. This allows the account owner to choose from the broadest possible spectrum of investments, including those not traded on a stock exchange. There are very few limits on what a self-directed IRA can invest in. 


All types of IRAs, including traditional, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs, as well as Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), can be self-directed. Quest IRA gives you the freedom to purchase almost any type of investment. Common investment choices include all types of real estate, newly created and existing promissory notes, LLCs, limited partnerships, private stock, trusts, oil and gas, tax liens, and much more. Take control with a Quest self-directed IRA.
You may contact them at 1-855-FUN-IRAS and they will walk you through how easy the process is.


Below are a few articles on their site that may be of help in setting up a SDIRA with them or through some other agency of your picking.


IRA vs 401K     


5 Easy Steps in Setting Up A Self Directed IRA 


Buying Notes With Your SDIRA


I am not an agent for Quest IRA nor am I getting paid by here for a list of custodians that will help you set up a SD-IRA.


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