What Do Some of The Distressed Assets Look Like?

 These are real samples of "distressed assets". They are no longer valid but were assets that were bid on by investors, such as myself, who belong to Scott Carson's (The "Note Guy") NFL (Note Funding League).....I give these to show you a sample of assets we deal with and bid on either at NFL or by tapes from asset managers and/or hedge funds. This is a great way for us to purchase NPNs (non-performing notes) for our own portfolio. Again, this is to show you one of the great opportunties for all who may wish to join us as a JV (joint venture) partner and the posiblity of getting a big bang for their buck.


Here is an unusual note..because it is a performing  note that we purchased with my wife's SDIRA. It has become passive income for that SDIRA and we will keep it probably for only 12-18 months then sell the note and get close to 15% ROI.



If you are interested in getting involved with us by using your SD-IRA or your 401K or CD or just would like more information please contact us.


"A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity; An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty." –( Winston Churchill)


"We rehab the borrower vs. the property" (Scott Carson: "The Note Guy")

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