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RealNote Investment: For A Win-Win

We are Non Performing Note Buyers : .... We are pleased to serve you, Contact Us and let’s talk about your Note or self-directed IRA (SDIRA) or 401K.  We strive to treat our investors/JV partners fact we will take care of you first in any deal(s) we do together. Here is a short video that explains what note investing entails:





We have samples of the kind of deals we can do with our JV partner network. Our strategy is to purchase these mortgage notes at a fraction of fair market value (typically 50-55 percent or less) for our portfolio and our joint venture investors. As a private investment company, RealNote Investment, LLC offers a number of solutions for distressed borrowers (homeowner or investor) not available to them with banks and other lending institutions. We agree with our mentor Scott Carson (The "Note Guy") when he says: "We strive to rehab the borrower vs. the property." Our primary strategy is to work with them to offer a loan modification solution that turns the note back into a reperforming loan, producing a positive outcome for all involved. 


Investing in mortgage notes (sometimes referred to simply as “notes” or “paper”) is safer, more predictable, and yields much higher returns on average than any of the previously mentioned investment vehicles. They allow you to become a private lender with total control over your investment. It is secured by a 1st lien on the property, affording you numerous ways to exit safety and profitably, with returns on your capital investment typically ranging from 8-12% or higher. Or we may even work out a deal where we split the profits 50-50.